Hear my voice live on the air.  I am doing a radio interview with WKKY in Geneva, Ohio.  It's on the internet as well and you can listen to it here at 7:30am EST Saturday and Sunday East (1/8/00 and 1/9/00). - 1/5/00

Still got my list of New Years Resolutions up (even though New Years is over) go check out the list and see if I have accomplished anything - 1/1/00

Got a new banner up - fully animated... go look at it and link your site to mine with it - 12/2/99
DMmartis here. It's my new online store :)  Credit Card Processing will be available very soon.  Come take a look -11/27/99

I have a cool free desktop image - download it here -11/25/99

I got a free screensaver - check it out and download it here.- 11/12/99

Is up and running ... come and join my mailing list - 9/6/99
Now accepting Credit Card Orders Online (secured) - 9/20/99

After many months of waiting - RandomCam is finally HERE!!!! - 9/10/99

I now have an award winning sites section.  You could win my fabulous award and have my tacky button to grace your site.  Click here for details. - 9/8/99

Hey.. I made some banners (and posted the ones that were sent to me), just in case you wanted to link me to your site.  Check them out here. - 9/7/99

This is still up and will be updated soon with the REAL details - will post on here when the new version is up - 9/6/99

My Pal Yakdog has his DragonCon review up (click on the revolving bull) - check it out. - 7/12/99

I went to DragonCon this weekend.... go look at the review (click on the farting dragon)... warning.. all pics got destroyed, so its just the review.. no pics until somone sends me some :(-  7/6/99

Here is the latest on my job situation   - 6/10/99

Here is the lovely apology for my fabo mood as of late -  6/19/99

Check me out.. I got a cool write-up on my site...  be sure to look at the "How to Email a Cam Girl" article as well. - 4/18/99

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