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Yeah, I know.. a rip off from Craiggers - but his show is pretty much sucking right now (should have stayed with The Daily Show), so I don't feel nearly as bad as I would normally for stealing his stuff.  I think I could do a better job with it anyway. 

So here it is, my words of wisdom to take you through your day (or couple of days as you will cut me some slack on how often I update this).  You can even ask a specific question to me (via email - not icq) if you want some specific "wisdom" from me. 
Here is some non specific wisdom: 

"So where have you been Miss Dawn Marie? We haven't seen you (except for the various stressed out looks on your cam) and you haven't written a thing. All we have seen is the same boring page and the same sleazoid moment for us for the past two weeks. Bored with the cam girl thing already?" Usually my favorite response to that when I haven't seen someone for a while and it's my fault that I haven't - I tell them that I have been dead. It usually illicits an amused look and they forget that they were mad at me for not calling. Like right now.

I have been swamped with actual real school work for the past two weeks. I realize that I have been out of town to see drag queens and sci fi cons and drinking - but in the between times and last weekend, I have had to cut down on site time and play time and work on actual things. It's the one thing I hate about the schedule of an 18 year old. You get to have the cool 10 hour work week and all the time in the world to party- but the deadline time and projects are atrocious when in your last years of school.

I could list them all here for you so I can have a valid excuse, but I will just give you the highlights

-a 40 page graphic ridden typography book.
-a 10 page mock annual report complete with graphs and charts and letters from fictitious presidents.
-Countless photographs to fix, make into magazine covers and be "creative" with.
-Two cd covers - one for Bonepony (a band this guy keeps urging me to listen to) and one for the art department of the college I attend
-Two brochures - one for an art museum, one for the fictitious company
-and other crap that won't matter in two years when I want to get a real job.

They tore apart my projects in class. I hate when they do that. I spent all nite on some of those projects and when someone tells me that "this just doesn't work for them" with no real explanation, and I haven't had any sleep, and I forget to take my red pills - they should watch their appendages so I don't rip them off. I dont' of course, cuz I am way too tired to do anything at that point but give a scowl and smirk and vow to let the air out of their tires later when they aren't looking and I have had some food.

They did like my annual report and my promotional chocolate box that I had to make (well of course I did well on a chocolate box - it's a staple of living). That made me smile - but all in all, Wednesday was very nervewracking when we handed everything in to the chopping block that is our teacher (and this one particular guy who insists that everything "sucks" and gives no viable input).

On a happy note, Sleazoid (the band) wrote me a lovely letter and sent me the much awaited demo CD. I really relished listening to it after school on wednesday when I was angry and got to scream "I like to eat shit" at the top of my lungs and gleefully mosh about my living room. They even asked me to be in their video in two weeks. I have no idea what that entails, but I will be sure to bring the old clothes I dont' care about as I am sure i will be covered in dubious puddles of goo. I am looking forward to their version of madness I can't get in this town. They are playing that weekend (May 19th) in Atlanta for a festival called Rugburn. Come on out, I will save some fluids for ya (I will also snag the recipie). I am also still looking for a place to stay that weekend. I don't wanna impose on the band and I am fearful for what would happen to me if I slept there without any sharp objects in my hand. (Plasticbob, Jodilyn, Bardiva - one of you come with me to share this joy and weirdness - i can't go it alone).

I need to (and have been in short little bursts) clean my house (I can't seem to find anything anymore), update this site ( i had no idea some of my links went porn on me) and do laundry (clothes are getting that ability to stick to the wall). If I could - I would get a maid, but that would mean paying money I don't have and someone else going through my stuff and I am too tired to explain anything right now.

I still have the pics from Boybutante Ball. It's just all about getting my ass motivated to put them up. Girl.. Not a girl is still on. I wrote down who was what as I tend to forget after a while and I want you to be able to score yourself correctly on your gender id abilities. Give me a few days on that. I wanna make it extra pretty since all the drag queens from Athens visit it and I wanna impress them. Why don't you play the old version while you wait for this years contestants here?

Mom and Dad have convinced me to play tennis in a league this summer so I can wear shorts for the first time in 3 years. Woo hoo. I suck at tennis (haven't played since I really was in college) but mom is gonna dress me pretty so it doesnt matter how i do - as long as I look fabulous. (now you know where I get that along with my many neurosis). Dad and I are playing mixed doubles as partners and our first game is in June - I will let you know how that catastrophe turns out. At least I will get a toned ass at the end of the summer - just in time for DragonCon.

Speaking of conventions - I am attending MobiCon in Mobile, Alabama the first weekend in June. They are having me as a guest and paying for everything (including gas and food - I am so jazzed). I had fun last year so why wouldn't i go again? This time I am dragging Wes, Bardiva and anyone else that wants to go with me and can fit in my car to make good use of the free hotel room. It's a small con - but they really know how to party and make someone who has never attended their con or doesn't know anyone there feel very welcome and wanted.

I have also had fun helping Rob with the Gab Rag when Gabby went on vacation (or to the Betty Ford clinic from what I am told). I will miss working with him and feeling powerful about deciding who goes in and who gets ignored. Unfortunately, I failed him and fucked up when logged in under her passwords, but it has been cool as hell being the gossip sidekick to Rob's horridly gross details. He is so much more meaner than her - but that's why people read it :) I hope he asks me to help out again if Gabby goes away again (or relapses).

It also appears that Hottie Art Teacher has taken a job in Memphis which means I can't take any unnecessary art classes in the fall and further my scholastic (and slacker) career - as well as get to be all giddy and silly at 8am - I am gonna miss that. It really helped me getting out of bed in the morning after 2 hours of sleep. However maybe this is better as I will never get to go on a date with him anyway, and he would just be dangling in front of me like a beer after closing time at the clubs. Need to find something or someone else to have a crush on that's non threatening like that.

Then I get hit with yet another horrifying reality, courtesy of the school and my parents. It appears that they offer no classes this summer for my major and so my parents are insisting I get *gasp* a job and quit being a princess for the summer. The nerve of them - making me waste a summer in an office instead of at the pool. Igh. Oh well, I get this weekend to party and I could always use the cash.

Anyway, that is what has been happening in DawnLand. I know you were so interested and at least now some of you can rest assured that I wasn't ignoring you on ICQ on purpose. Thanx to my mom for knowing when I needed tea and when I needed to vent about silly things while taking up time on her computer and letting me stay at her house til 5am to finish school crap. And thanx to those that wished me luck on my school work and exams and then promptly left me to stress on my own. Screw all of you who demanded attention from me when I was busy and I took the time out from pulling my hair out to tell you why. The site is free and you get what you pay for - dont' make me look at your appendages in a violent manner, too. You know who you are.

I will be back in a few days with possibly something to write about and maybe a site update. Give me time to de-stress (and any topics you want me to write about - i am kinda tapped).

BTW -One more cool thing that happened this past two weeks - Todd the stalkerboy finally got his

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