April 9, 1999 - April 11, 1999

Friday nite (4/9/99)was a party at Nick and Nikki's place ( a huge-ass house) and i brought my cam (and linked to assman's page for his better cam) so you could be at the party while we did body shots.  If you didn't catch it... so sorry, I didn't take any pictures, the cam picked up everything.  It was a good time and I hope that they have another shin-dig real soon.

For those of you who read my forum, you already knew where I was Saturday Nite.  I was at the Boybutante Ball in Athens, GA on Saturday nite. its a fabulous drag show/contests/benefit for AIDS/good time that was held at the 40 Watt Club in Athens.  Some of you may not know that I LOVE drag queens and so I never miss this event.  There is nothing more depressing to me than to have 300 men in drag looking fantastic and none of them geared towards viewing me in sexual light, yet still fun at the same time (though some of them want to be me.. not date me).  Even though it wasn't as big as it was last year and the most noteworthy thing that happened to me was that a gorgeous guy in drag started flirting with  me and then after realizing that i wasn't a drag queen and that I was a woman (he said my voice sounded sorta manly) he left in a huff ( it was very funny and I was flattered right up to the point where he give a little "eeeeee!!" to the "You are a real girl?" question - once again, I am mistaken for a man in drag), it was a fabulous time.  Here are a few pics of me and my pals at the ball and getting ready.
the beer really makes this outfit come alive
Here is Keith (Assman)
and Nikki getting ready for the ball. (Nikki is the one applying the makeup.
Tessa and Teresa (T-Rex) are a little tired after standing in high heels for 5 hours.
They are still wondering how they got here...
From L to R: Keith, John and Robert.
Nice legs guys!!!

One of the fun things I like to do is play the game "Girl - Not a Girl" at the ball.  The pics from the stage show didn't come out so I have used the ones of the guests (who are dressed pretty good for my game).  See how well you do.  Answers will be at the bottom.

1.  2.
3. 4.
5. 6.
7. 8.
9. 10.
11. 12.
13. 14.
15. 16.

Anyone who guessed that the gal in the white wig with the sparkle dress is a guy should be sorely disappointed with themselves. (and stop spreading those rumors about me).

Here are the answers

1.  Two girls
2.  Not girls (but they make their own outfits)
3.  Not girls (but aren't they stunning)
4.  Girl (I had also seen her out shopping that day in Athens for that outfit - on sale)
5.  Not a girl - but this pic doesn't do her justice. He was the host of this event and has a very oprah-like
    quality to her in person.
6.  Girl - and winner of the Cute Girl Contest.
7. and 8.  - I know its obvious, but they were too outstanding not to put in here somewhere.
9. Two girls.
10.  Girl in the styrofoam hair and not a girl next to her.
11.  Not a girl.
12.  Girl is on the Right - Not a girl on left.
13.  Me (Yes, a girl) and Robert - he ended up the winner of the Miss Haneous Contest.
14.  Me (still a girl) and not a girl (he looks better without the glasses and gyrating his pelvis onstage).
15.  Girl
16.  Not a girl (lets hope).
17.  Your guess is as good as mine on the group pic.  I am willing to be that the men in this pic are the
      ones with the horns and the feather boa.

Well, that wraps up another episode of "Girl - Not a Girl".  So how did you do? I don't actually have scoring here. I do know that if you got five wrong, you should stay out of dark bars to pick up your dates, especially in Athens.  If you got them all right, you have the confidence knowing that you will never end up in your own private version of "The Crying Game."

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