New Year's Reosolutions

So I am making some resolutions for the new year. I have come up with several as I know that I won't be able to fulfill ALL of them, so I think I would be doing pretty good if I end up with a 10 percent completion ratio. So that means I only have to do three of these (I rounded up). Can you guess which ones are gonna make it?

I will make each new person I meet laugh (and no, not because of the weird way I look sometimes).
I will make a mirrored site of the fishbowl page that will not have any of the dancing baloney I usually have for those people that hate the load up time. Stick a fork in this one... it's done baby :)
I will attempt to get really good at yoga so I can do it on cam at any angle without worry of exposing gross cellulite.
I will reformat and wipe my hard drive so that I can be worry free of a huge melt down and put everything I need for my webpage on one zip drive in case everything goes to shit on my server.
I will try to keep my going out expenses to 40 bucks a week.
I will try to get the Moment for Us updated at least once every two or three days and have some extras handy in case I get detained.
I will, at one convention, actually have the cam running and the page updated when I say it will instead of getting piles of email saying "what happened?"
I will get at least a B on all my classes this year.
I will try not to let the little things stress me out so much that it interferes with other people's good times.
I will try to get new and different things happening on the site at least once a month.
I will not let a man get in the way of where I want to be in my life.
I will clean my house until it's spotless at least once every two weeks and pick it up every two days.
I will try to cook something that's edible and not chocolate at least once this year (and by myself without adult supervision).
I will answer ALL email that has some sort of question and that doesn't involve me showing a part of my anatomy.
I will try to patch up things with at least one person that I am not on good terms with.
I will not cry at stupid long distance commercials or at animated movies (even if it IS Disney).
I will try not to wish evil things on bad drivers that cut me off on the parkway when I am going a zillion miles an hour.
I will find and keep a job this year.
I won't be obsessive compulsive with the blemishes on my face by marring my skin up with my fingernails in an effort to "get rid of the bad element."
If I find love, I will pummel it down with rage and any instrument I can find and tell it to LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!!!
I will get away from anyone who tells me I don't need my red pills or starts out a sentence with "You are ruining my life..."
I will make one cool outfit every 3 or four months to show off at conventions.
I will cut Mom off when she announces she found me a "nice boy."
I will stop spending hours at a time dealing with my site tracker.
I will not deal or be friends with people who are into destroying other people that did nothing to deserve it. They will probably start in on me next if they think I double crossed them.
I will dominate the Universe and everything in it :)

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