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Yeah, I know.. a rip off from Craiggers - but his show is pretty much sucking right now (should have stayed with The Daily Show), so I don't feel nearly as bad as I would normally for stealing his stuff.  I think I could do a better job with it anyway. 

So here it is, my words of wisdom to take you through your day (or couple of days as you will cut me some slack on how often I update this).  You can even ask a specific question to me (via email - not icq) if you want some specific "wisdom" from me. 
Here is some non specific wisdom:

So I started the Dawn on Demand tour last weekend (laughable as it's only one stop and the people that were going to make it out dwindled down to to the three of us - Tat2Rob, CircleK and myself with a brief appearance by Cyclops). In any case, I had a fabo time, and I plan on making the trip again.

I, of course, started the trip out DM style of taking a "short cut" that was 50 miles out of the way and two hours more - just because I got my east from west confused (it happens), some confusing directions on CircleK's part, and Karma just works that way for me. I also couldn't pass up yet another round of shooters from the night before, and had a massive all over feeling of wanting to camp out in my bed for the next 4 days. But 2 cups of tea, a fabulous outfit donated by my pal stephanie and two hours later - I was on the road and ready to experience what CircleK had planned for our evening.

CircleK has a fabulous sense of fashion (blue shiny shirt with tons of pink flames) and I even got to help pick out the hair color of the evening (hot pink). I had borrowed a simple black dress with a leopard print collar complete with my black vinyl boots. In short, we should have had name tags that said "Hello, our names are Fabulous and To Die For."

CircleK even showed me his DragonCon review that he did for Xcitement Magazine. I was mentioned among many cam girls there - and in what my mother would call (and still calls) a porn mag. Upon showing it to them on my return my dad laughed. Mom was less than proud, and of course, I felt very out of place (as i like to be in certian situations) as the review was in between some articles with pics of gals doing naked whip cream shooter shots of off each other and the Miss Nude Atlanta Pageant article. CircleK gave me a copy as when is this weird reference of my site ever going to happen again?

We got to play around on the cam and hang out on chat before we embarked on our first stop of the evening. CircleK, being the photographer extraordinare he is, took pics of us before we went out to commemorate our time that evening. We had every pose from "This is our nite out at Prom" to "Spank it baby, spank it" (see pics on the link below - and no, it's nothing dirty - geez.)

We met up with Cyclops and Tat2Rob at the Coronet Club. The Coronet Club is a strip club with both male and female dancers. In Huntsville, we only have female dancers (namely one club called Visions and a place I avoid at all costs), so it was an interesting change of pace to see the male dancers. It was also comical to see that the girls in Huntsville vary little from the girls in Atlanta (yes, I would be conned every once in a while into going to Visions - the only place in town that serves alcohol after 2am til 5am) - very little movement and "god I wish I could go on my smoke break" faces. I also figured out why Huntsville doesn't have male strip clubs - women would actually get standards in my town and the men would start looking at livestock in a gross way I don't want to expound upon. The guys were fantastic and did excellent shows. And then CircleK started whispering to Tat2Rob and both of them were getting evil grins on their faces. I had to put my foot down.

me: Please don't get me a lap dance. This is not what I am here for.

them: Sure sure, no problem we won't get you a dancer. (wink, wink, nudge nudge)

me: no, really, this isn't me saying "please don't get me a lap dance from that cute guy with the nipple piercing" while I try to catch this particular guy's eye with a twenty - this is me saying "There will be infinite hell to pay if you are the cause of some guy to shove his shlong in my face."

them: oh....

Anyway, we left soon after that brief conversation, and were headed towards Swingers (no, not a swing club, a swing dance club) as I had promised Tat2Rob a dance if I ever came into town. I also figured we could teach CircleK to swing dance too. The club experience turned out to be not what I expected as well. We headed up to a table upstairs only to be met up by the DJ - affectionately named by me as The Swing Nazi. If you have ever seen Seinfeld's Soup Nazi, you will know what I mean. This guy, with his shaved head, was bellowing out to us that he "didn't give a F@#k what the kids wanted, he had his own ideas about what to play and if that's not what you want - then NO SWING FOR YOU!!!"

The DJ was immensely entertaining - so much that we had our pics taken with him and I even told him what his new name was from now on in the Halls of Fame of Dawn Marie's Mind. He seemed taken aback by that - but I think he took in stride. The one swing dance I got to dance to (it was just so much more entertaining listening to The Swing Nazi point out to the crowd a girl trying to give a lap dance to her guy in a back room embarassing them into leaving the club, yelling at others not to throw people around the dance floor, listening to his views on where swing should be, and generally making fun of various dancers than it was to dance) happened to be a Weird Al remake of "Zoot Suit Riot" - "Grapefruit Diet". Tat2Rob lost it right there on the dance floor and for the remainder of the song we just sat in nearby chairs and laughed.

After that, we then got to visit where Tat2Rob worked - he was a manager and neglected some duties in order to go out that evening and had to show up for about 5 minutes to fix some time cards. Wow, I had no idea what I was in for. He works for a place called Peek-a-Boo video and I was no where near prepared for the "highlights" he was going to show me. CircleK works for Xcitement magazine and also knew what I was in for with going to this place. In our short time there I got the tour - the main point ingrained in my head was CircleK showing me a disgusting (but yet humorous if you were there) picture of a girl named Mila's version of a rose... I am not getting into it but I could have gone all year without seeing it. After Tat2Rob was finished with his business and me gaping at the gross people that frequent a place such as this, we were off to the Chamber to meet up with Cyclops again.

Upon getting to the door of the Chamber, we see that it's a rave nite - which means exorberant prices I can't afford with kids who can't even buy alcohol dominating the age group. Screw it. We were getting breakfast. I had a great time wolfing down scattered, covered, smothered hashbrowns at the local Waffle House discussing everything from tattoos to that messed up picture on the video cover that now dominates the creepiest part of my brain. We did a photo shoot in our booth from a less than enthusaistic waiter (it's 3am, what could we expect?), and we said our goodbyes to Tat2Rob with promises of me coming back to Atlanta in the near future.

Back at CircleK's place, we took more pics of the "aftermath" and I headed home. What did I learn? That CircleK and Tat2Rob are as much fun as 20 people and I don't remember a time that I wasn't smiling that entire evening if not laughing out loud. I hope to come back in the next month - and this time I might be brave enough to get that lap dance - lol.


btw: Some shots from the evenings activites...
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