updated 4/20/00
Yeah, I know.. a rip off from Craiggers - but his show is pretty much sucking right now (should have stayed with The Daily Show), so I don't feel nearly as bad as I would normally for stealing his stuff.  I think I could do a better job with it anyway. 

So here it is, my words of wisdom to take you through your day (or couple of days as you will cut me some slack on how often I update this).  You can even ask a specific question to me (via email - not icq) if you want some specific "wisdom" from me. 
Here is some non specific wisdom: 

So here it is Thursday and I have just now finished setting up my booth for the weekend here at ImagineCon. I have pics and screensavers to sell - but because I was in such a hurry -I forgot to bring my HELL NIGHT scripts and my buttons (that's a whole other Moment for Us in itself - buttons are hell to make) and I forgot my screensaver sheets (so you know what's on the disk before you fork over cash) and my fab fishbowl i made complete with poofy feathers on the edge just wouldn't fit in the suitcase (limit two bags when flying). My table looks dismally empty, so I am doing my best to ignore it by bringing you this oh so special Moment for Us.

So I am not exactly prepared as I would like to be. In fact, I don't even have a phone line for the booth and am going to "cam" without actually uploading anything (Phone line deposit and daily surcharge make up my meals for the month - so I had to decline it). However, just to feel like I am doing something constructive and worthwhile, I am saving all the pics I am taking and will upload them (at least the ones that actually look like something is going on - and not jut me) so you can see that my booth is in the most snooze inducing part of the dealers' room (there are miniatures being sold to the left of me and candles sold to the right and no one is in front of me for three rows long). Hopefully this will pick up. I am also hoping that Mystrys shows up and might help keep me company here.

There are some bright points here. I have a free room. When I find another bright star - I'll let you know :)

However, just so you know, the longer I am bored here during the day (no internet - think about it) the more Moments for Us I will probably devise just by sitting here for 8 hours on end for the next two days.

btw: Everybody Look at Lily

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