updated 01/12/01

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Yeah, I know.. a rip off from Craiggers - but his show is pretty much sucking right now (should have stayed with The Daily Show), so I don't feel nearly as bad as I would normally for stealing his stuff.  I think I could do a better job with it anyway. 

So here it is, my words of wisdom to take you through your day (or couple of days as you will cut me some slack on how often I update this).  You can even ask a specific question to me (via email - not icq) if you want some specific "wisdom" from me. 
Here is some non specific wisdom: 

So it's chattacon time again. I missed out on last year cuz of low fundage SO I was all kinds of wanting to go this year. The Reverend said that he would swing by and pick me up - so how could I say no? I knew I was in for a hellish ride there when I forgot my CDs. I was in for another "what the hell are we listening to - cats in heat?" kind of experience. (No, i didn't forget about the ride to the airport at Exoticon - just the CDs).

I am only used to being in the car with the Reverend for about 20 minutes at a time - and those are very trying for me. Not only do we like to listen to 60's music that no one has ever heard of, we only like to listen to just the "core good part of the song" for about 15 seconds or "just hear this one part where the lead singer drops this thing on his toe"before he is rifling through his CD case again and swerving all over the road.

I did manage to get him to play the one CD I recognized in his case full of techno be-bop terminally happy tunes - The Ramones. I have no idea why he has that - but it was the oasis I was looking for in the collage of crap he owns. We also listened to cover songs of cartoon shows done by garage punk bands I haven't heard of. SpeedRacer has a whole new sound when sung in grunge rock. During the scooby doo song - the reverend sang along and added all the goofy sound effects that go along with the intro if you were watching the cartoon - and he does on a regular basis.

He told me about a concept band about scooby doo - but I am not allowed to disclose the details as he is afraid that someone might swipe the idea (ok, sure rev). I can tell you that I about peed my pants on all the gimmicks he had to go with it.

This led to a discussion on the Scooby Doo show (Matthew Sweet does that cover). We were trying to figure if Daphne was dating Fred or if she was a lesbian dating Velma. Reverend said that Fred was gay cuz he wore a neckerchief. I argued that Mr. Ferley from Three's company also wore a neckerchief and he wasn't gay. Then Reverend pointed out that Mr. Ferley was always thinking that Jack Tripper was gay and was overly homophobic about that - a sure sign that you are gay. I conceded when I couldn't think of anyone else besides cartoon animals, and boyscouts that wore neckerchiefs. ("Don't forget about seventies girl porn stars," says the Reverend - how could we not?)

I also managed to get my cam going during the car trip and I made a little mini movie of all the facial expressions of terror to commemorate all the times he almost hit things while finding that special song to get him in that driving zone. It also shows me getting really irritated at the software I was trying to install on my laptop for the digital camera I got for Christmas. I wanted to go ahead and put my pics from new years all on disk so I could show those for the bottom link once I uploaded this. That aint happening.

Well, this was me trying make good use of my time.... should have chattacon fun stuff up when i get home.

BTW -The Car ride over to Chattanooga

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