10/28/99 - 10/31/99

All kinds of bad things happened that I was a victim of circumstance. The phone didn't dial out from our hotel room so i couldn't be on cam. Not one of the people I listed as being there and having a cam up showed, and on top of it all, I was sick as a dog but trying to ignore it to have a good time in spite of it all - so cut me some slack on this review. Not a lot of pictures that go with the story this time but there are miscellaneous pics at the end of the review. When I hear of some pics that are up on other's websites, I will let you know. If you have some pics - send them or tell me where you posted them.

So I started out to MOCtoberfest in a not so usual way. I had house guests and we had to caravan in two cars as not everyone and luggage would fit in the one car. (as my dad always said - a sportscar isn't meant to haul cement). Jenna and Rob rode in one car while me and Todd took my firebird. We were going to promote HELL NIGHT while we were there and to shoot a scene from the movie (which Jenna, Rob, and I were all in) as well as partake of the usual festivities (drinking and poking fun at the locals).

I love jenna to death and she is a sweet girl, but Jenna is the worst driver to have follow you. She is always ten cars behind - and in Atlanta traffic when you don't know where you are going or what exit to take is very nerve-wracking. We got there in four and a half hours with Rob complaining about the traveling time the whole way.

There isn't a lot to do on a Thursday nite at MOC except for get to know your die hard MOC fans (only die hard fans would show up on a Thursday) and make fun of the MOC virgins - which is what Jenna, Rob and Todd were. This all took place at the foundry, where Kevin likes to make his usual Rant of Love to a somewhat captive but very drunk audience. In this Rant, he points out all the activities at MOC, any accomplishments that people had made since the last MOC (he embarrassed me by calling me a movie star) and last but not least - making all the MOC virgins show their faces and generally poke fun at them. Jenna and Rob weren't really prepared for this and Rob was pretty irate about the whole thing (being deemed Kevin's bitch for the evening wasn't very appealing to him), but they were good sports, unlike Todd (who was forced up there by Rob later), who dislikes any kind of public attention.
No, he isn't flicking anyone the bird... it's just his way of making a point :)

Kevin makes one of his world famous rants.

check out the way the guy in blue is checking out jenna!

Jenna and Rob having to go through the "virgin" introduction as required by Kevin

I think the best part of this evening was when Rob's mom showed up for the con. My first experience with her was when she verbally abused me for the poor directions I gave her saying that I "needed to quit smoking that wacky weed" when I relay directions to anyone (not my fault that her husband didn't understand half of our conversation or that he called me up at 7am to get the directions from me). She is what Todd liked to call "A very evil Edith Bunker." She smokes and drinks, has a dragon lady voice and swears like a sailor. I was pleased she was there - her attitude was perfect. Rob had a different opinion - they fought most of the time. She liked showing Rob's baby pictures around and telling me stories about the hot men she liked to pick up. Her views on traffic problems were not unlike my own, and the thought of her looking over at an unsuspecting driver and flicking him off was too hilarious. She seems like such a sweet lady on the surface.
I think at the time the pic was taken, Rob's mom spotted a hot looking man.

Rob and his mom share a moment.

The next day was spent setting up the HELL NIGHT tables for Rob's artwork and merchandise. I even had a small table set up with flyers about my website. Jenna, Rob, Todd and I went for lunch downtown and Jenna and I went shopping later (so she could gawk at this fabulous fur and velvet coat we were both eyeing - Rob bought it for her later as a surprise).

That night some of the other cast and crew from HELL NIGHT gathered together to prepare for the evenings big event - "I'm so Sexy it's Scary" contest. Jenna and Debi wanted to enter and I thought for sure they would win as their body weight together was less than most of the contestants from last year. They were going to enter as a duo and sing a song and dance around. Roger Riddle (of the Dead Pirates) invited Todd, John (Debi's boyfriend) and Rob to be judges at my insistence. Those of you that remember my review of this from the last MOCtoberfest are well aware that this contest is more scary than sexy and requires a stomach of iron. I was gonna laugh so hard at them while keeping a safe distance from the stage by hiding in the back in case I needed to make a quick getaway. I was prepared for the worst.

Just as the contest was starting and I was edging my way to the door, Todd and Rob grabbed me from either side and dragged me to the judge's circle where I was kept on the couch only inches from the main stage. Dammit!! This wasn't supposed to happen. They apparently got word that I was gonna flake out on them and leave them to this horrid misery alone. If only I hadn't made them judges.

As I was sitting on the couch contemplating my punishment, I spotted Brandon (assistant director and pal of mine from Huntsville) and his girlfriend Jamie. I motioned for them to sit with me and sandwiched them in on the couch - making it difficult for them to leave. They had no idea what show they were in for, but knowing Brandon's wicked sense of fashion and ability to make fun of others for not having it, I knew he would make me laugh the whole time.
Dancing for Dollars!

Jenna and Debi at the "I'm so Sexy it's Scary" contest

I have to say, that even though the contest got a little ugly at some points, it wasn't nearly as bad as last year, nor as scale tipping or disgusting. Brandon, having never seen the last one, had nothing to compare it to, and was shocked at the sight. His exact comments being "It's like watching a gruesome car accident - you can't look away even though you want to." Todd wasn't happy about where he was either as a couple of the women got friendly with him trying to sway his vote (you draw the picture yourself). The look on his face was priceless but his mood was decidedly sour towards me as he knew I was direct cause of him being a judge.

Brandon and I had a fine time commenting on the fashion sense of some of the girls. We pretty much are in agreement on our opinions of people's outfits. Debi and Jenna (who were one of the few contestants that didn't even show a thong or nipple) won third place of 75 bucks. And why wouldn't they? they had three judges on their side to begin with. After that there was much drinking and partying and after much nose blowing on my part, I decided to call it a night around 2:30 - (I know, I was disappointed as well that the partying didn't continue).

The next day was spent trying to gather up all the HELL NIGHT people and put them in a panel. Unfortunately, when our panel is up against things like Kevin's fabulous Bartending Seminar and Boffo Tournament, we pretty much disbanded our group and prepared Debi for her makeup and the rest of us to get in costume for the shoot.

Jason and his girlfriend showed up. Jason is really funny and he is our pyrotechnics man for the movie. He squibbed a gun to go off for the scene we were going to do. He also likes taking my camera and using it for his own weird self portraits. He set up the projector so people could watch the HELL NIGHT trailer and bloopers - I think it went over pretty well.
doesn't he look a lot like kirk cameron?

Jason and Jamie - what a cute couple

I wasn't the only one whose camera was violated...

See what happens when I leave me camera unattended? (again)

The shoot went pretty good. I was a little nervous about acting in front of a live audience instead of just the cast and crew -like it was in Louisville, but since I didn't have to talk (I hate public speaking - I'd make a great mime, or the silent guy of Penn and Teller), it went pretty smoothly.

The scene was me hearing the villainess's voice and running towards a door only to find that the villainess is hiding there. She pushes me down, I try to crawl away, she swipes at me with her claws and grabs my hair. She rolls me over when she finally catches me and is about to cut my throat when Rob and Jenna pop up - Rob says a cool one liner in this one. And then I am saved. It took about three hours and a scraped up chin, elbow and both knees on my person to get this scene done. I almost wondered if this was punishment from Brandon and Todd because of my making them view the "I'm so Sexy it's Scary" contest. I still have the bruises as I write this and they still hurt.

After that, I changed into a cool dress that the Wyerd Systers had made for me (they are thinking of making me their barbie doll to dress up). It's made out of car vinyl and marabou feathers. I thought it was fabulous and I am so pleased they made that for me. I look forward to other ideas they have for costuming for me as well.
I want a pair of those wings!

Lila in her cool wings and me in my car vinyl.

guess who won?

The grand finale of the Dirty Dancing Contest.

At that point, I was roped into judging the Dirty Dancing Contest (a new event sponsored by the Dead Pirates). I had no idea what to expect, but there were only three entrants, so I thought I would be pretty safe if anything too weird were to happen. I was sitting next to Dr. Syn (also of the dead pirates and has a weird foot fetish) who was judging everyone as if they were Cindy Crawford With my help, I got the two judges on either side of me to vote the way I was voting, and got the people who actually followed the contest rules to win (I don't consider a dancer that is basically demonstrating her job as a stripper by doing a lapdance with a slackjawed man as "dancing" but merely an advertisement for her future customers she might get as a result).

The costume contest was next and Jenna was entering as CatWoman - her vinyl costume was really cool, but the person that won out was my pal Carri as the Sea Slut and Dave Prescott and Kevin (everyone's favorite bartender) as Pulp Fiction meets Star Wars (a really funny skit they put on - with costumes to match). Steve (the guy that always lets me borrow his lap top) won best of show for his truly messed up version of a baby on a mother's back. You can't see it in the pic, but he took my "Girl With the Most Cake" banner and dressed up the woman with it. I'm not sure if that's a crack on me, but the costume was flawless and he deserved the prize. He was later offering everyone Udder Cream (have no clue on that one, but the product is real) for some unknown reason.
Note greg in the background pouring even more 151 to the batch.
Steve showing us his true fetishes.
Here is where Kevin and Dave make Pulp Fiction meet Star Wars
Kevin and Dave came up with the funniest skit 
at the constume contest.

After that was over, Todd and I joined up with Kevin and his girlfriend and their friends they brought down and went to visit the parties that were being held all over the convention. "The Kaleidoscope of Pleasure" was the first one we visited - mainly because of the name and because the others hadn't started yet. It was being held in the haunted Hoyt House of the hotel. They were giving away flavored condoms and lubricants that had a number on them for the raffle that was being held. We didn't win anything, but while we were waiting, we got to watch spiderman build his web of bondage around a willing participant and view catwoman getting spanked. All in all, a good show while downing shooters and laughing a Brandon freak out over various people and their fashion blunders. (note: Brandon isn't gay, he has a girlfriend and that relationship is real, he just knows ugly when he sees it).

We meandered around after I changed costumes again and ran into the tallest drag queen of the con. She was posing as Ann Boylen and was from Athens herself. She was gushing over my sparkly gown and declaring that I looked just like the actress of Star 80 - the Dorothy Stratton Story. She was upset with me calling her a draq queen, saying that she only did this once a year, but I could tell there was no way that he was straight (can we say lisping?). He/she did make me laugh and his/her costume was flawless even if he/she was upset that you couldn't see the shoes of her outfit (she was wearing heels and wanted people to notice). As cold medicine was coursing through my system and I was getting woozy, I was in bad need of a bed and a tissue so I called it a night.

What did I learn this weekend??

I learned that having a cold and wearing skimpy outfits outside isn't too bright of an idea, never introduce someone as a drag queen if you can't remember their name, bruises don't look so hot when you are trying to look sexy, mothers are fun at a convention except to their own offspring, and that you should never accept udder cream from someone unless you have udders you are going to use them on (that stuff smelled horrid - I should have listened to Greg's warning).

Check me out next time as I plan to be healthy and inside a warm dry place at Exoticon (November 18 - 21). Don't know if the cam will be there, but I will do the best I can. Chris of Gigglecam will be there as well as Mystrys and we are having a camgirl panel, so do come back when I update the page with the review.

Here are the rest of the pictures that I couldn't find a place for but are still worthy of being posted:
Showing us she is a crest kid

The original Catwoman of MOC makes an appearance - the first one in a long time.

for a moment I thought I saw god

Look!!! It's Craig Kilborn from The Late Late Show. He found out I was attending MOC and wanted to meet me.

Ok so it isn't true, but he has a remarkable likeness. He is actually from the band Bother.

remember her from the other review as I dream of Jeannie?

Frenchie - the original Pink Lady.

a little washed out looking in this pic... she is prettier in person

Jill - sporting wings. She threw a kickass party involving a really cute drag queen

I really liked the genie costume... but didn't understand why the devil and the genie would go together

Kevin's gal, Kevin, and his two pals that he brought up from Savannah, GA 

Why doesnt Kurt look happier?

Deidre actually showed up to this MOC (the first in a long time). here we are giving her husband some affection.

These guys have the best party favors

Some of the more notable dead pirates (didn't get roger riddle in the pic this time - he must have ducked out while taking it.)

I just love her blue hair and matching boa

Ziggy arrives wither her new bride (as of May 1999) Lauren.

she is such a sweetie

Here is Wil's girlfriend (whose name I can't seem to place) - wings seemed to be the fashion this year.

Nope.. he isn't gay

Sean (of the band Bother) does his Christopher Robin impersonation.

the gal with the smirk is Fenix - she threw the kaleidescope party

For some reason, Tom always complains about being in this situation with women.

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