This is a group of pictures that are just me and one other person (usually) that are pals or guests or whatever.  As always, if you have a cute pic of me and you (or just want to plaster me with you on a pic) -  send it.  The people who send one of those pics in will be seen here.  I just didn't know what else to categorize it as.. so here it is :).

me and Brad-Dudeme and Steve at the gong showits Bit.. you draw your own conclusions about herme and carri at dragoncon 97
me and some unknown actor guy with really cool bloody animal carcasses on his dealers' tablethis is me and i recently met this guy online... this is a drag queen i would love to be seen with again!!!
me and one of my favorite photographers - Fongthe only pic of the reverend where he actually looks sweet

awwww.. me and the reverend look so cute

george thought the catholic school girl image wasn't complete without a cigaretteI just like this one of me and chris (gigglecam)
me and my favorite bendovaho tribe member -kris (Man with Nice Ass)

me and gunner hansen (leatherface off of texas chainsaw massacre)me and Jesus (jason)
me and letheme and lethe and the weirdo is gordon
me and labmanme and robyn
me and Christian.. my favorite and Bonnie - of Con-Tour magazineme and tallboy.. he makes the best drink called Retributionme and robyn looking fabo
me and baby bondageme and ziggy - write of the e-zine - Plutonium Nyborg

hey look... its me and craig... well someday

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