These are some pics I dug up of me and some of my costumes that don't go into any specific thumb gallery to put into this gallery.... they really need no explanation (But I still put in secret quotes)- If you've gotten this far on the site, you should know who I am by now :)
The vinyl outfit Fairies do hang out in the bathroom lepopard fur chinchilla fur the gown I don't own it, but i really wanted to - chain mail
Me being sold at a slave auction I am doing my salad impersonation here the mermaid outfit
the souped up version of a catholic school girl one of many belly dancing outfits this is the worst one - me after being thrown in the GWAR Maggot.. fake blood everywhere... :) angel like but not quite the thinnest i will ever be don't i look demure
the low profile outfit my barbarella impersonation anime gal another fur outfit me taking the krank20 taste test

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