This is my obligatory "I want to be linked to your site so I'll link yours to mine" page.  Plus I wanted an excuse to use nifty icons.

This is Athiest's site. You can see him hanging out in my message board a lot. He's got lots to say, and if you like my rants and Moments for us, you will really dig his page and style of writing.


This is my pal, John Van Horn.  I am working with his band to do the cam girl video.  He used to play with Link Wray and the Raymen.   Check out his page!


She is one of my good friends here in town.  We go clubbing, shopping and generally make fun of all people that we feel superior to, and now you can see her live at her web site.  If you liked the Fishbowl of My Universe, you'll love  Victoria Cam.
This is just an image and not an insinuation of what Victoria is really like
Click here for Victoria Cam


This is my pal Martyn from Belfast and his unique page on his thoughts and of course he has a webcam he sometimes uses.  He has a link to my site... so here is mine to his.
Martz Place
I could never share any of my exhibitionist outbursts if it weren't for Con-Tour Magazine, as they publish my face every time I turn around.  Its a great mag (I am not just saying that because I am in it sometimes) and they are fun to party with.  I have been entertained many a time by visiting them in Athens, Ga. and by hanging with them at conventions.
Click Here for Con-Tour Magazine
This is Kurt Kessler's Page of Ecclectic Stuff... (not the real name.. I'm just adlibbing here)  featureing his VW bug.  But he is one kick-ass DJ and sometimes if I'm good he lets play on his automated computer DJing system (yet another adlib).  Go look at it.
imagine a really bad 80's tune
Click Here for Kurt's Page
Ron is a  member of Con-Tour and a very funny man.  He has let me crash on his couch more times than I can count when visiting him in Atlanta.  He has a web page I don't quite know how to describe... go look at it.

Click here for Ron's Page
The Bendovaho Tribe - These guys are fantastic looking in loincloths (especially Man With Nice Ass).  They are generally found at MOC and Dragon Con.  They will be attending Fantasm in full garb next year (so  hotels and cons are adverse to the idea of males in skimpy clothing).  They are also holding a party in North Augusta for Halloween weekend.  Visit their site to get the details.

Click here for the Bendovaho Tribe
Wes Wilson, another funny guy that makes me laugh - has a page on his thoughts and weekly happenings as well as glorifying the club scene we both have to live in. Wes' Alter-Ego
Click Here for Wes' Page
The Degenerate Press is run by The Jesters - Dale and Fred.  Its an uncanny look of Atlanta night life and cynical views on world events.  They can also heckle people down to size when necessary.
Click Here for Degenerate Press
Last but not least, don't forget to check out my bud Ziggy's underground zine - Plutonium Nyborg.  Its a concoction of top ten lists, jokes, quizzes, and convention write-ups.  They also have an online slam book that you can participate in and see the results on the next online issue.

Click Here for The Plutonium Nyborg


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