Just when I thought I was done with this convention, someone has the power to use a stamp and manipulate the post office into delivering me these!!!!!  Sorry to just throw these up here, but at this point, there really is no use for a pretty border.  Bonnie Heath of Con-Tour Magazine (and staff of Fantasm) gave me these pics and a card wishing me Happy Birthday (wasn't that sweet of her - everyone say "Awwwwwwww....")  Hope you enjoy them, they are all about ME!

Ron is smiling (Ron knows something i don't about this game)
Look what I get to take home!!!! (or is he taking me home?)
Look at all these fabulous prizes .. i mean men.
Me and Stevie - him in polyester me in almost nothing.
Here Stevie does his i am too fabulous for you impression. Yes, he is straight, I swear.
Me and Steve Wildey posing with the gong I made for the show (PVC Piping is Fabo)
Its the Leaf Outfit (again). I dont' think the watch really goes with it.
Here we are before the cam show. Doesn't Cloei look like a cutey-pie?
Once again, me and Stevie are pleased.. and we can't say why
Another pic of Eric (The voice of Fantasm) auctioning me off.
Don't I look astute and professional?

Anyway, I think these are the last of them (unless stevie of the polyester above can can get more).  Fantasm keeps having updates on pics that are out on the web as well as updates on the con as well.  So check out their site to see others with their pics and reviews up.

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