Ok so here are my party pics.  I have links at the bottom to other people who have pics up as well.  Sorry it took so long, I just had a lot of other non internet stuff to do when I got back.  MOC will be a better update I promise.

Yes.. its another bug sprayer - just like chattacon.....
Here we have Tom preparing for the AAngry Party.
Brad in nuclear melt down garb
The return of Brad Dude - a con favorite from way-back-when.
I lover this girl's collar.
This couple rocks.  They have tons of dominatrix clothes.
bet you can't guess why we are so pleased.
Me and Steve are so wasted and happy in this picture!
ok.. so only one of the brothers cared about the pic.  The rest are computer geeks !
The Brothers Kessler - (these were the guys knocking me around the dance floor)
Yes.. these are shit eating grins of drunkards.
This is Tia.  She is way cool - and she can paint her own eyebrowns!
Jester Fred shares his Billy Idol sneer
The jesters need no words to express their thoughts on my camera.
Check out the cat hanging from the middle guy's crotch!!
Here I am at the Dating Game (I chose the man closes to me - FYI )
God, lilith looks so serious...
Here is Lilith Stabs leading me on to be sold at the slave auction.
Wouldn't mom be proud!!
Here I am in the throes of getting bought for 300 bucks.  Not bad.
Check out these pants!!!
Marty was also sold.  Isn't he adorable?
...and that's how the 15 year old got into my hotel room, officer.
Eric is the Official Voice of Fantasm
this goes beyond the limits of love
His speech moved Ron to hold him in this lewd fashion.
And then the funny man said.....
I am really plowed and don't know why I took this picture. But it was Steve's idea.
I know.. it looks like she is just telling me that my panty line is showing but she really is licking my ear.
Here I am assaulted by the Licking Girl. :)
Loving that red dress, chris... but it looks like i am not the only one!
Chris and Eric
(I don't know how to explain this one.  I didn't take this)
This one is my favorite - for obvious reasons.
This man is insane.
Here the reverend expains why we should bow down before him.  I don't think he got many followers, but he made a damn fine drink.
AAAAWWWWWWWWW!!!! that is so sweet.  just ignore the angry bars in the background.
Vera and Chris share a tender moment under The Machine.
I bet vera's girlfriend hasn't seen this one.
I think this last picture pretty much sums up Saturday nite.

Wanna see more? I have pals that took some as well, and they were the ones that were in control of their cameras for most of the evening - unlike me.

And Fantasm has a list of people who are adding their sites of pics every week

Page two of these pics are up

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