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Item No. Product Name Price Quantity Total
DMGM-0001 Garden of Eden 8x10 Color Glossy $10.00    
DMSCR-001 Dawn Marie in the Garden of Eden ScreenSaver  $10.00    
DMSCR-002 Dawn Marie - 1 Million Years B.C ScreenSaver  $10.00    
DMSCR-003 Costumes of Dawn Marie ScreenSaver  $10.00    
DMHN-001 HELL NIGHT script (unsigned) $10.00    
DMFCHN-002 HELL NIGHT limited edition script (signed by cast and crew) $50.00    
DMFCMS-1 Membership to Dawn Marie Fan Club (in USA only) (no shipping required) $15.00    
DMFCMS-2 Membership to Dawn Marie Fan Club (outside USA) (no shipping required) $20.00    
Please note: If you buy a membership to the fan club - take 20% off the rest of your order plus shipping and handling. 
Add $3.00 for shipping and handling regardless of order size.
+ $3.00
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