This is me winning the Miss Bimbo Pageant 1998 in Athens, Georgia.  The guy with me is my friend Steve and he knew how much it meant to me and insisted on posing with me.  This was my finest hour for me of this year. Before you start giggling uncontrollably that the goals of my life is so twisted I would want some sort of honor such as this, realize that this pageant is a parody on the Miss America Pageant and that its all about how much of a comedienne you can be and how good you are at thinking fast on your feet.  Sure, its about looking good in a bathing suit as well, but that's not the whole contest.

After 7 years of trying to win this silly contest, i finally won without having to do what others did before me to win (and which I would never do) - get naked or promise sexual favors to the judges.  I still have the crown and from what I understand, this title is mine for life since they aren't holding the pageant anymore.  Joy!

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