Everyone seems to be giving out awards these days, so I am now giving out the "you wasted ten minutes of my time" award out to those people whose webpages have captured my interest for at least ten minutes of time... so email me with your page (or a page you deem acceptable by my standards - whatever those are for that hour) and I will see if it's worthy of my way cool award ... here is a sample of it below.

Of course the real award won't have "sample" written on it, but you get the idea.  Makes you want to enter just to get the prestigiousness of me flipping a bird just for you (smirk).

List of Current Recipients of the "Wasting my Time" Award

 Welcome to Wes' World- 9/8/99
Warlock's Gothic Site - 9/9/99
Shawny's World (be warned, he is Canadian, but I liked his rants) - 9/10/99
This is Nance.. she was the only girl camfan that sent me a christmas card last year.. now she has a cam of her own - 10/5/99


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