Dawn Marie's Fantastic FAQ


My name is Dawn Marie, I'm in my mid twenties, manic, and desperate for anything, event or person that can keep my attention for more than five minutes without the help of weird medications.

I live in a small town and therefore, have learned to make my own fun and I have learned  the road map so I can get out of this town and to a real city every once in a while (my favorites being Atlanta and Athens, Georgia.  I am currenty a student going for a Computer Graphics Artist slot in life since I have had this website longer than any job in my life.

I am a closet exhibitionist (the best way I can put it) and find that I can only be that way if I am in another city, at a sci-fi convention, or drunk Ė the last option I am never proud of in the morning.  I love my costumes and wigs and being someone else for a weekend or even an evening.  I feel very good about myself after a bout of unnecessary self-importance.

Don't get me wrong.  I go to the grocery store looking like hell in a hand basket sometimes, and if I can get away without wearing makeup somewhere, I jump at the chanceÖ its just that I enjoy dressing up and doing so brings out a weird characteristic in me.  Some people call it being vain.  My friend Dave (a.k.a. Vera) calls it an unnatural dose of self-confidence.  When I feel like I am all that and a shot of jaegermeister, I can make you laugh and I would rather be able to keep my sense of humor than my looks.  I will lose my looks in time anyway, but the humor I can keep forever.

My friends are very important to me as well, without them I wouldn't have anyone to laugh with, as laughing by yourself denotes some sort of imbalance in your brain.  I have many acquaintances and people I will hang out and drink with at clubs and parties, but I only have a few friends, and I can count on them when I need them, and I try to do the same for them.

Like most of the country, I have been diagnosed with manic depression (because its trendy) and take little red pills (because they make me feel groovy) for it so I can remain sane at the appropriate times Ė whenever those are.  I like to be different, but not in a way that would get me arrested, just in a way that makes me fun and easily remembered.

I'm pretty sarcastic most of the time as I am sometimes a bitter, bitter, woman and I want everyone to feel my pain and anger, and it will come out in most of my rantings, though most of them have a funny edge to them.

I will try to update this page as often as I can (maybe more because of my gained new free time), but as my attention span is that of a gerbil sometimes, I might get caught up in something else and slack off.

 Enjoy my site and remember: "You can never have enough hats, gloves and shoes."

Now to answer the other questions that don't fit neatly in my bio...

How old are you?
I guess you will not let me get away with the vague ďmid-twentiesĒ answer.  I am 27.

Ok. Then what do you look for in a guy - (i.e. how can i stand out from the rest of the men that email/ICQ you?
He needs to be humorous, original, somewhat more stable than me, have a great job, confidence, a good personality and a cute butt doesnít hurt either.  Yes, I like the good looking men, but if there is no brain, there is no interest after the first few minutes.  I want substance not eye candy. Having a 7 figure income doesn't hurt either :)

What can I do to make you happy?
I have a presents page - at least go check it out.  That, and make me laugh.  I mention it here because some of you skip that part of my site either on accident, or you were just here for the pictures, or you just don't care.

I see you go to Atlanta and Athens, GA.  Where in Georgia do you live?
I never said I lived in Georgia.  I said I traveled there.  I am from Alabama, but originally from New Jersey.

Do you get naked on your cam?
No.  I also do not do cuseeme, netmeeting, or dc with anyone.  Itís not because I am ashamed of my body, and it's not because I am a prude, itís a personal choice and I would like to have it respected.

Are you sure you wonít get naked on cam? Not even for me?
This is when I delete you from the ICQ list.

Will you stand up? Wave? Write a note for me? Smile?
This all depends on my mood.  I am manic and a woman, so this gives me the cool excuse of  ďmaybe I willĒ or ďmaybe I wonít.Ē  I can tell you that I do not stand up, show my tummy, model an outfit or be your remote puppet for any reason.  I will, however, give the finger to the cam at will -- you can decide if it was for you or not.

What was that look for?
I really have no clue.  Especially since the pics are 15 seconds delayed on top of the delayed time I get your email./ICQ message and answer it.  I am sure it was because I was either amused, singing a song, confused, angry, delighted or I am experiencing pain from lack of a chair with a back.

What is that blue thing next to you?
That is The Tick -- a goofy cartoon superhero.  He actually can talk when I put batteries in him (rarely do I do that as I need those batteries for other plastic devices).  If you donít know who it is,  chances are, you are over 30.  If you do know who it is, chances are you get up early to watch Saturday morning cartoons, or are an avid comic book fan.

What kind of cam and software are you using?
It's a Compro D Cam I got from www.onsale.com.  I use Webcam32 for the software.  And I got some guy to put it together for me, because putting all that together would just make my head spin.  Iíd also like to point out that the refresh rate is so fast because of the unlimited bandwidth I get from www.pearlweb.com (no I donít own this company, they are just really cheap).

Can you help me with my cam page?
I can do minor stuff, but if you want help on the whole deal, I suggest Noseís Cams at www.homecams.com.  He has a whole section on setting up a webcam webpage including neat tricks to do if you are artistically challenged.

I like your red hair.  Are you a natural redhead?
I am not a redhead, I am a brunette.  It just looks red because of the combination of the cam and the lighting.  Go to VictoriaCam if you are looking for the redhead I hang with from time to time.

I have messaged you on ICQ and you are ignoring me.  Whatís up with that?
First, check and see what my status is.  Donít be surprised to find that DND really does mean Do Not Disturb.  You can still message me when I am in any mode, just donít expect an answer back immediately.  Also, there are others that are ICQing me and I try to get to all of them.  Email is the best way to get in touch with me when I am in this mode.  Patience is your best virtue for contacting me.

How come you donít have a chat room or chat with me on ICQ?
I canít chat and surf at the same time, so I donít have a silly little chat box at the bottom of my screen.  And if I chatted with one person, then eighteen people want to join in on the chat.  Itís just really better to do ICQ messaging.  Iím sorry for all of you that are ICQ impaired, but you can still email me.  Usually if I am in chat - i go to PeepingMoe's Beach House.

I wrote you an email.  Do you really answer those?
I feel that if you wrote me, I can at least acknowledge your message and write back if I think your message warrants an answer, asks a question, or specifically asks me to.  And yes, I like getting the pictures that you send me.

Sometimes you seem really bitchy.
Sometimes I am.  This is a free site, so I do as I please.  I like making fun of people - it's a part of my personality.  It doesnít mean that I donít like you, you would know if I donít like you.

Well, I hope this helps you in your quest for knowledge on me.  My computer tends to crash if too many ICQ messages come at me at once so I hope this cuts down the traffic and on my temper. I hope I didn't sound too bitchy, but it's one of the reasons that I put this up here.

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