Here is a list of webcams of people I either know or would like to know or would like to blow up if I had the chance... you figure out which is which.  If you have a cam that fits in any of these categories (and it must be your cam, not someone that entertains you or that you own a membership in) or if I am a horrible person for not remembering your cam in the first place - email it to me along with an icon of some sort and why its a cool cam.


Here is a chick that I met way back when.  We have tons of fun when we travel together and she attends a lot of conventions now that I have shown her the way (smirks and kisses to you, Chris).  She also starred in the Hell Night movie with me and 
I am sometimes seen on her chat.

Domma is completely off the wall.  I went to his site through GiggleCam and after viewing it asked to be included in his webcam section.  He then proceeded to show a "lovely" fixed picture of me on sleepcam.  Ask him about his circle pictures.  He is quite proud of them. :)



This is Cloei... she has an interesting cam site as an Anime Character.  She is also attended Dragon Con and is doing the Webcam Panel.  We have worked together before on an interesting panel at Fantasm.  I hope she is as much fun as she was last time :)


This is Mystrys (she'll tell you her real name if she luvs ya).  I have been going to cons and seeing her face for many years.  I even helped her with her site and she has done many cam girl panels with me.

Assman (Keith) is a good pal of mine who doesn't mind dressing up in women's clothing if the time is right. :) He also attends scifi conventions.

Go check out his cam.  He has his cam on a remote control so he can move it anywhere at a whim.  Pretty cool.

This is Eric's site (  He is a fabulous guy who is also attending Dragon Con (and he said he might even make an appearance on the cam - woohoo).  Go check out this hottie he has more on his site than just the cam and a few gallery pics... this guy has a mind to boot :)

This is my pal - Uncle Buck (tom) - I hang out with him all the time at conventions.... he makes a great drink called the Sobriety Killer and has made the Chattacon Review.


This is Adrienne.  I don't know her very well, but she liked my FAQ so much she was using it for a short while (as well as gave me credit for it - a skill not well used on the net)  until she came up with one of her own.  She also linked me to her FAQ and her page and I thought that was way cool so I thought I would reciprocate the favor.  Here she is.


This is my pal Nance.  She gave me a christams card last year.. that was so sweet... now she has moved up in the world to warrant her own cam.  go check her out :)


This is my pal Waldo - he has a cam in his radio station.  It's from his booth and it's pretty cool.


This is a friend I met at Fantasm 2k. She is a georgeous girl who loves to say the word "fuck." She is a real up-front kind of chick who is into goth clothing and is sometimes misunderstood - but not by me. I hope she plans to go to more conventions and participate in panels.


This is Cathy. I also met her at Fantasm 2k. She has a wonderfully cute southern accent, but watch out for her driving - it's lethal and I know this firsthand.


Lone Feather is a very talented web designer and cam guy. He even made a special chat room at Fantasm 2k for all of us cam girls - though we never got to use it due to the technical difficulties of the hotel. I had fun partying with him and he gives a fabulous foot massage.


Bearcam is everything his name stands for - a lovable teddy bear. I met him at Fantasm 1999 and he has been coming to cons ever since then. Glad to get him hooked. He can outlast the best partiers and knows how good it is to be the king.

This is Ms.Btch. She has been to CoastCon and is wanting to try out Exoticon. I have only interacted with her on Peeping Moe's chat. I hope she is as witty in person as she is on her site. Very cool chick.

This is my pal, MizRedHead, she lives real close to me.. and she loves drag queens as much as I do. She is a ton of fun and I highly recommend you reading her journal :) We go clubbing sometimes.

This girl has a ton of interesting rants. I made her a part of my webcam links when I found out that we both had a rant on the same topic. Check out her site.

This is IzziCam --- she is way cool chick that apparently can make some chili better than any texas cowboy I know (or would know). I plan to meet her at exoticon. She has a very active chat room that I tend to visit when the mood strikes me. Please visit her site - she is very cool.


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