Here it is, a rambling review of what I did last weekend 3/17/99 - 3/21/99).  Of course, there are many, many, many pics on here (more than the usual amount I throw on these pages, so please please be patient)

As you well know, I went to MOC this weekend (Magnum Opus Con) in Athens, Georgia, and it rocked as much as Fantasm did.  There were a lot of new faces, and a lot of new alcoholic pleasures, and a lot more new events were introduced.

I guess I will start out with the whole "the troubles of the road trip" part of my excursion.  I was doing so well (i got a car for my birthday - my dad's old mid-life crisis machine - an 89 firebird with t-tops - rocking - thanx daddy), until I realized that I had no idea where my pal Kevin (my favorite bartender at MOC) lived.  So as much as I hated to do so (not only do guys hate stopping for directions, but so do headstrong gals like myself), I stopped off at Bonnie, Chris and Teresa's house to see if they knew where he lived now (he had moved since I had last visited).  Lo and behold, I had stopped off just in time to have a fabulous dinner cooked by them.  I left shortly afterwards (sorry about the eat-and-run, guys) as Kevin was cutting his date short to hang with me (aren't I special ?).  I eventually got over there (with some horrid directions becuase I have horrible handwriting) and we only had time for a few drinks, but Dave (Vera) joined us, and we had fun for a little while before we set off for our hotel room at 3 in the morning.  This is when that whole "I screwed up my webpage" thing happened.

The next day (Thursday), I went to Atlanta to visit some friends and had a delicious lunch and shopping spree before going back to the convention (they were just setting up at that time, so I wasn't missing anything but the splendor of seeing the process of  a blue cardboard wall of cases upon cases of beer being built).  So I lounged around the hotel room getting the cam set up (sorry about the bluriness) as well as getting my outfits ready for the upcoming weekend.  After getting the cam set up and answering email, I went out with Jason (of Jonestown) to the Foundry (Bar of MOC) of the motel.  There Kevin was ranting about the rules of the bar which ranged from cool to a bit ridiculous to downright funny and ended it with a toast to Dr. Seus' birthday by giving everyone a Green Muppet Shooter.

MOC's favorite bartender

Here we see Kevin in his natural state - mixing the best drinks at his bar.

Kevin doesn't look like he feels so hot after drinking a Green Muppet
Here everyone gives up a toast for the SuessMeister.
If he were alive, it would be his b-day.

I think I have mentioned before that Thursdays are just a time to get reaquainted with old pals and to just relax. I hung out with Vera and Shelley (til she passed out like a drunken sorority gal), Alan, Tom (of the AAAngry party), Will (of the infamous penis picture on the chattacon page I have), and assorted others (sorry if I forgot your name, but I was probably a little tipsy at the time we met).

Apparently this is the way Kevin is used to receiving strange fluids in his mouth :)
Kevin wanted the "real man's" shot
Almost like being a catholic taking communion!! but not quite...
This bugsprayer was the coolest thing to get liquid refreshment from.
This is one cool chickie Here I am with Amy - she had to leave on Friday to go off to the U.K. - that bitch. :)

However, (in a moment of weird foggy drunkeness) I did manage to confront Alissa (we have been at odds with each other at MOC for many years and it was easier for me to confront her when she was plowed as I have the illusion that things might turn out ok) and find out why she was mad at me (one of those reasons being the fact that I made fun of her in my previous review of MOC).  It ended up that we discovered that we were both the same kind of person (weird huh?) that had huge egos (as if you didn't know)  that didn't need to be pricked by a pin by the other one.  We came to a truce and we even had a hug at the end.  It was so cool.  What was more cool is that she remembered it the next day (fears were put to rest for the remainder of the weekend).  Anyway... enough sentimental bullshit.  I ended the evening by hanging out on the net (first time I got to geek at a con) and sleep in complete light for the webcam much to Jason's chagrin (sleepcam isn't for everyone apparently - how odd!).

I'm a man baby.......:)
Armed with bottles and beads and ready to go!!
Shelley and Lila make their outfits a religion to be followed!

Vera tries on the helmet to the Darth Vera costume.
Very stylin'

The next morning (afternoon?) I got dressed and set out for food - a very difficult task when the motel has no restaurant. We ordered in (phily cheesteaks - again). Lila came into town with Shelley and they told me all about their Lush Avengers outfits.  The idea behind it was cool - superheros that make sure sobriety never happens to mankind.  They were also helping out with the Reverend's and Vera's party - The Psychadelic Pussycats Swingers Club.  The name just screams class.

I got changed into my mother's sparkly dress and wig for the whole drag queen effect and passed out beads to everyone in the spirit of Mardi Gras (yes, i know its been over for a month - so what?).  We then set out to see what parties there were for us beides the usual Foundry bar.  The Dead Pirate Party was going, and that was fun as Roger gave me a "Kiss your Ass Goodbye" - a drink that includes a chocolate kiss - sacred god fodder to all women.

he look so serious!!
Here Roger pours me a Kiss Your Ass Goodbye - complete with a chocolate kiss

Once we made the rounds to the parties, we tried  the Casino Nite party, but no tables were available, so I quickly changed into my Barbarella outfit and waited my time for The Big Game.  I had no idea what I was in store for, but I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.  Dave (the announcer guy) had an evil grin when I had asked him about it earlier that day, so I knew it had to be good.

Making christmas, Making christmas..
Here we are playing Barbie Beautiful with the men on our teams.
She thinks we are going to bake a cake... guess again
Here is the poor girl who ate the concotion of orange juice, flour and eggs I made for her. Yummy!

There were two teams of four.  I was on the team with Jill (she's a cutie - you'll see), Sean (lead singer of Bother), and Robert - a man I had never met before - but he ended up wearing my bra later.  We started out with an easy round of Jill and I painting Sean's face up whore-style in order to win the judges measley five points.  We didn't do too well in the first two rounds.  The second part consisted of me competing with the other girl on the team by eating an entire chocolate cream pie without using my hands.  After being nauseated by eating the entire pie (yes, i am that woman enough to do so), Dave announces that there were no points for that one.  I was so irate at the thought that I was gonna be bloated for the rest of the evening for nothing that I promptly took my pie pan and splattered what was left of the pie on his face and jacket.  It got a good laugh out of the audience, but I was the one who felt bad later as the round was legit and we did get points. Whoops.. sorry Dave.

This was so disgusting! Here I am in all my glory with white shit all over my nose and face and looking basically unfabulous next to Darlene (who did an outstanding job of holding my hair.
Dave's laughing now.. but I got the last laugh :)
Here Dave is laughing horribly at both of us.

The next activity in the game was the cooking show.  The girls that had to eat the pie were the ones that got to torture the other teams players.  What fun!! It's explained in the pic on how it goes, but the end result was that I made this poor girl (she's the I Dream of Jeanie Girl on my pics) drink orange juice with a raw egg and flour in it.  We were supposed to pretend to make a cake, but I was feeling kind of evil and wanted someone else to feel as yucky as I did after eating the pie. Mean? you bet! Justified? probably not.

The lap dance part of the game was by far the funniest as robert and a member of the opposite team (sory- I forgot your name too, but i know your face)  had to lap dance each other.  I almost peed my pants watching the spectacle that was them.  They actually won a separate Boogie Boys award for their outstanding show and good sportsmanship.

The Dare part of the game was probably the funniest as Sean was dared to drop his pants and be spanked by one of the team mates of the opposite team.  He took the dareand we were only behind by one.( I have a pic of this one, but I am not that cold to put it up.)  Then he had to dare another team member.  What Sean forgot was that if she didn't take the dare, he would have to take it.  He ended up (after much inward deliberation with his pride) having to walk on his hands for two seconds completely nude.  We were even at that point since they lost the point and we took it.

I wish this guy's pants weren't so tight!!! Here Robert and I are showing off our new clothes to the audience.  The better pic of him in the outfit is below.
Watch where you put that hand, mister.
Here i am on the way to getting finger painted.  Notice how the bra was stolen by sean.  Wonder what this tells you.

Switcheroo was the next contest, members of the opposite sex on each team had to change as much clothing as they could in one minute's time.  Jill's boyfriend wouldn't let her do that one so I was the obvious choice (oh joy) for that one.  Robert looked so silly in my plastic vinly and white bathing suit top and me in his oversized shirt and jeans that I couldn't fit on me (too tight - how embarassing!!) and we got the full five points on that one.

Finger Painting was after Switcheroo, and since Jill (again the boyfriend didn't want her to do this - why the f--k is she playing???) couldn't do this one either, I had to be the sacrificial sheep.  The idea was to paint each other in a creative way.  Jill saw a wonderful opportunity, and in my tipsy haze, I took it.  Now children, what I am about to tell you about the next segment of the game is by far the most daring thing I have done in public (and I like to think I am pretty well rounded on dares), but I so badly wanted to win, and it would have been a shame for Sean to have gone naked for nothing, that when they dropped the sheet to show off our handiwork on each other, I flashed my shirt open to reveal the pretty mural (well - it was two big blob like things and something that was supposed to be a heart) she had painted on my boobs.  The shock of the crowd made me think that perhaps I had gone too far, (but then the whoops and hollers of the men let me know that I did go too far and what the hell was I thinking???).  The last I remember of that segment was Assman shouting "Its going on the Net!!" before I quickly closed my shirt and screamed at the judges that we should ge the full five points for chutzpah alone.  Thankfully, they did and we won the game as well as a lousy T-Shirt.  Somehow what we had to do for the prize and the prize itself was completely unbalanced, but what's done is done, and now everyone on the net is going to know that my nipples are pierced. :)  (too bad there was no picture here though - Nyaaaahhhh Nyaaaaahhhh).

You make your own judgment call on this one.
Adrian and Sean begged me to take their pic.  I wonder if this is their official "coming out of the closet" shot? :)
Just kidding guys.. don't get your panties in a wad.
Check out those slippers!
I just loved some of the PJs that were sported on Friday

After scrubbing all the paint off and Jason holding my hair back so I could puke up that nasty pie, we were ready to go again.  This time I changed into some really cool pajamas that L. O. (a cam fan) had sent to me. I couldn't drink anymore that evening, as I didn't want to tempt fate on feeling gross again (and I couldn't rely on finding Jason later to hold my hair). I ended up at the Foundry watching Rocky Horror (a girl played Rocky so it confused me a bit - but she did well) later that nite and then at the dance after that ended.  HugMe (a fabulous crossdresser, dancer, and all around fun guy) and myself decided to swing dance (let me rephrase that - he danced and I desperately tried to follow without being flung into the ceiling).  It was a great time, and I ended up going to bed around three that morning.

The next day was rather hectic (Saturdays always are) as I was scheduled to do the Sperry Jinger Show (you find the parody there) in teh early afternoon - cutting into my sleeptime.  We had a script, but Eric (the voice of MOC) didn't really follow it, and since I threw him for a loop, he made me be the commercial break talking about Krank20 - which I was glad to advertise. All in all, it was a fun activity and I hope they do it again next year.

Vera is looking buff in that sports bra!!
Here Rockin Robin and Roger explain how life is like in the trailer.
And now a word from our sponsors.....
Here I am trying to evade the tough questions.

Afterwards, I went to the slave auction and was sold to a nice man for $150.00 (second place to Fenix - $200.00) who only made me get him a shot of Jim Beam and a beer later that night.  I tried to buy HugMe, but $100.00 is my limit and though he seems tasty, I need to pay rent.  HugMe did try to buy  me in return and stopped as well at $100.00 so I don't feel so bad.

His hands take up my entire waistline!!!
Here is HugMe looking so cute and cuddly.
This man was so nice...
Here I am with my Slave Owner.  He was the sweetest.

I changed into another outfit and went down to the foundry where Doug was and helped him drink the test tube shooters so we could have the blow job shooter contest later.  They aren't that potent, but if you drink fifteen they make you a little tipsy - go figure.
why is this man having a drink with an umbrella in it?

I know this looks ridiculous, but its fun

Here a bunch of us are competing in the blow job shooter contest.  Doug made these terrific ice cream shooters that are potent if you drink enough of them, and if you are in this position to long, you do get dizzy and fall over.  The guy in the white shirt won the contest.  Note that there is one thing weird about one of these pics - Alan had other things on his brain :)

My tipsy self went off to find other amusements and I found myself getting ready for the Hot Lesbian Action party taking place in the barn.  I was to be a judge this time around for the kissing contest (instead of the second place winner I knew I would end up to be should I have entered) and I  wanted to look the part - hooker barbie. (didn't get any pics of this - so send me some if you have any).

Bobbing for Dildos was the first contest, and it was fun to watch the men try their hand at it.  A guy managed to win, beating out three other ladies in the process.  I didn't enter cuz I didn't want to mess up my hair and outfit (its a messy game) but I ended up getting the wet dog treatment from the contestants shaking their soaked hair back as I was too close to the tank.  Oh well, at least the hooker barbie outfit is all vinyl - easily hosed down to clean.

Put the Tongue on the Clit (hey its not my idea for a name - Ziggy thought of all of these) was the next contest which consisted of putting a push pin in your mouth, getting blindfolded, spun around several times and then sticking the pin in the *ahem* appropriate place.  I was way off mark by sticking the girl in the poster in the finger.  I was told that I was almost off the poster at one point in trying to place it on the glass window beside it.

Afterwards was the main event of HLA - the kissing contest.  Fenix, Anne, and I were the judges and there were about six ladies (including Carrie, Amy [Miss Fantasm], and the ultimate winner - Jill) as well as HugMe (who was allowed to enter because he looks fabulous in a dress but not able to win becuase he is a guy).  We had a great time, but since Jill was able to do the little cat growl in the ear first, we made her the winner.

this costume is really true to life
Here is the poor soul who had to put up with my drink for her at the big game.
check out gnome gal in the middle giving me the twitchy eye
From Left to Right - Jill (big game contestant and kissing contest winner), Valerie (the Gnome sitter), Fenix (organizer of HLA), and of course Vera.

When the contests ended, Eric (The voice of MOC) was so nice enough to drive me to the nearest K-Mart so I could get another camera for pictures (Brad Dude had taken my camera and went crazy at HLA).  I didn't want you guys to suffer without other pictures, so I LEFT THE CON FOR YOU and detoured over there for a new camera.  Thanx so much Eric - as I know you wanted to get started early on your drinking and puking before your wife showed up. :)

Her school marm outfit really fit the bill :)
Here Darlene rounds us up and gives us the rules and the ways of the Grab Ass Room (she is the one on the far left)
Darlene (a way cool chick who is all about being cute) assembled all the girls in one room and organized the Grab Ass session of the Con.  This is where the ladies line up to form a gauntlet, spray water on their hands, apply flour on their hands and then the men go through it and me grab their asses while leaving white sprays of powder on their buts.  Darlene is a firm belkiever in turnabout being fairplay.
you can tell the difference from the women who have done this before and the ones who haven't Here we are ready to "Grab Ass"

People grab more than just HugMe's ass... and who can blame them?
(check out Alissa in the short hair coppin' a feel :))
I like that guy's hat Here we are getting ready for round two!!

By the end of the event, everyone was powder fresh and feeling like they had just gotten back at the men.

I then hooked with HugMe and we went off in search of parties to go to.  The Psychadelic Pussycats Swingers Club was in full motion, and it was beautiful to watch the Reverend in all his glory looking like Roy Orbison do the Crunk (a self proclaimed dance he made up on his own) and spin lovely 60's tunes you can't find anywhere but in the Reverend's basement.

He actually looks sweet in this pic Here we have the reverend in his weird mode of not saying anything (and it is spooky when he is silent) and another pic of him getting down with his own dance aptly named  "The Crunk". All crunked up
The silly flower makes the pic
Here the Reverend wishes me peace (which is a lot kinder than what he usually wishes upon me)

We also checked out Assman's and Mystrys Amy's Cam Party ( I had the cam site link up for you on my page while I was there - I had no idea what went on when I wasn't there, so if you have stories, let me know).  I didn't understand their mixers so I ended up making a huge mess on their dresser of alcohol and assorted utensils (so sorry guys - that was me).

a pic says a thousand words Here Assman (who has conveniently been cut off at the head here... hmmmm) is being groped by Donna.  This was his usual state of dress for the entire weekend.

I want that hat of Bill's
A scene from the Pussycat Swinger's Club.

I left to go see what the Pirate Party was doing.  They were having their Wet Wench (no pics - sorry guys) contest so the bar was closed. Everyone was busy looking at the naked chicks, so  I promptly "re-opened" the bar for myself and proceeded to pour shots.  People started showing up and I don't know how to make any of these exotic drinks they were asking for that I had people just making their drinks themselves.  I was having a fine time, till a pal of Roger's showed up with an angry glare on his face.  I apologized and he laughed and said it was cool and all was well in the universes again -. i .e. I didn't get thrown out for misconduct.

The Bar is OPEN!!!
This pic shows me as I have just hijacked the bar for my own foul purposes found in my hands.
People getting a good seat for the show at the pirate party
A scene from the pirate party of people waiting for the Wet Wench Contest to start. 

Next was a wedding that I had no idea was going on until I was there.  It was a very cool viking ceremony performed by Kat.  Dragon (the most partying animal in fandom that I know) and his fiance Anne were going to be "bound by love" in a traditional viking way. After the couple kissed, Kat passed around a skull cup full of something yellow and we drank from it.  It was the only moment in the wedding that seemed very catholic - how odd.   It was a MOC first and Dragon and Anne were so pleased that Anne passed out from the abundance of alcohol in her system while Dragon continued in his usual way of drinking till the sun came up.  Now that's a wedding nite to remember.

Return of Kilt Boy!!!
All messed up and ready to wed!!

Here the couple share a loving moment.


I had a better pic of her and her husband... but that didn't come out very well
Don't worry.. this was before the wedding.. no harm done.

I continued to party my ass off and changed clothes several times in the course of the evening and eventually ran into Roger again who gave me a drink called "The Relaxer" that put me out of comission until the next day.  Upon leaving, I was out of Krank20 and in desperate need of caffeine.  Leonard heard my cry of pain, and produced Krank20 (yes, other people are ordering it besides me - it does exist) from his stash so that I could make the car trip home.  Thanx so much Leonard for the boost.

This convention had some new events that rocked and some old events that are tried and true and still rocked. I have heard rumors of people who want to outdo others on parties next year and other events that plan to take shape for the fans as well.  I was impressed by the turnout and even more impressed that I could keep such late hours.  I want to thank Jason - who put up with my ass by getting me food when I needed it, HugMe - for being so fabulous and inviting me to another convention, Steve - who let me borrow his laptop so I could cam and geek out, Alissa - for meeting me halfway, Mark and Kurt - for trying to be nice, everyone who helped me take pictures, and my mom - for being so understanding when she reads certain parts of this review (I swear the paint looked really cool and I am not a lesbian).

Here are some more pics that I couldn't find a category to:

No mom.. it was really just a stunt - I didn't get arrested. Here I am pissing off the local rent-a-cop - Howell.
However....(next pic down)
... everything turned out fine as Shelley and Lila persuaded him to dance on tables with them His wife is gonna be sorely pissed at this one.
I wish he was straight. and he wishes i knew more pretty gay men.
I love this man to death. He is so gorgeous, but alas, he is not for me. :)
Here is my good pal Carri with Jason - my roomie.  don't they look precious together?
Jason learns there is a life outside of Christine.
Smileys for everyone!!
Here is Doug (maker of all good ice cream drinks) and his partner sean.
Cyclops had some killer outfits.  Him and AssMan put together a cool cam party (no they are not gay). Carri wishes she could buy that outfit...
Fenix' outfit rocks!!
Here the reverend looks a bit civilized with his martini and with Fenix.
And of course no party would be complete without the musical choosings of Mark and Kurt Kessler.
See? I did remember you guys :)

What did I learn this weekend?

I learned that you CAN have too many philly cheesteak sandwiches in one weekend, you should never try to outbid someone who makes more money than you, and that wiping your mouth after kissing someone in public looks quite gauche.

Just a final note: if anyone has info on any of these pics that I don't have (i.e. name or I have the wrong name down) or pics you would like me to post. Or if you want a pic taken down because you have a real job and don't want to get in trouble -  Please give me a yell  -

That's the end of this review, but check me out next time when I go to PajamaCon (sponsored by Hugme).  I have invited Carrie to come with me and I am also taking my cam (and quite possibly my own lap top if all goes well :)).  It should be a good time and I will try not to make the cam so blurry this time.  This all takes place next weekend March 26-28th, 1999.

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