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These are some pics I have scanned to give you a taste of the sci-fi con world- complete with narrative.  These pictures span from 5 or 6 years to the present from all of my favorite conventions I went to (as mentioned on the Sci-Fi Convention Page).  There are much better pictures on the review section and in the gallery.
This is Robyn and I about to head out on to the party floors at Dragon Con 96.  We are really plastered in this picture.                                   .
This is Wes and Lab Guy. Wes is sporting his famous "Big Boy" costume.
This me and my pal Puck - who had just bought me at the slave auction at ROC 96.  And no - this is NOT what it looks like.
This is the impromptu party me and Wes threw at Dragon Con 97.  Can you believe it started out with five people?
This is me at MOC and I just really like this outfit and thought this was a great chance for me to show it off on my page.  The guy behind me is a slave I bought for 7 bucks.
This is another shot of the impromptu party (above) but it has a better shot of the two jesters (Dale and Fred) and my friend Chad in it.  If you can't tell, Chad is really plowed. 
Here is Robyn and I with the ever fabulous Phil.  Here he is seen in his leather bondage queen outfit taken at ROC 96. 
Here is one of the cute comic book artists I found at Dragon Con.  He was a shy one.
This is me in one of my man-suits and my pal HugMe at MOC.  He is in full Rocky Horror regalia, but otherwise he usually dons something purple.
These are some of my friends from Dragon Con.  going from left to right, Vera a.k.a. Dave Prescott, a girl I don't know, her man - a member of the Bendovaho Tribe, Man With Nice Ass (also a member of the Bendavhos), me, and the Reverend Maynard a.k.a. Blue Billy.  We are all in an elevator in search for more liquor. 

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